Black Pepper Manufacturers

Narain Trading Company

Black pepper is one of the most popular and commonly used spices worldwide. It’s made by grinding peppercorns, which are the dried berries of vine Piper nigrum. It has a sharp and mildly spicy flavor that makes many dishes very well with flavour. But black pepper is more than just a kitchen’s common spice. It has been known as the “king of spices” and is used in ancient traditional Ayurvedic medicine from a long ago due to its high concentration of potent, beneficial plant compounds. Black pepper is rich in a plant compound called piperine, which researches and studies have found to have potent antioxidant properties which helps you from excess free radical damage which may result in major health problems such as inflammation, premature aging, heart disease, and certain cancers. Chronic inflammation may be an underlying factor in many conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Many Scientific laboratory studies suggest that piperine, the main active compound in black pepper, can help effectively in fighting inflammation. Studies show that piperine (present in black pepper) helps in improving blood sugar metabolism. High blood cholesterol is connected with increased risk of heart diseases, which is the leading cause of death worldwide but black pepper extract has been studied for its potential to reduce cholesterol levels. Narain Herbs and spices is one of the renowned manufacturers, traders and suppliers of Black Pepper and other herbs and spices, known in the market for our top quality, aromatic and authentic herbs and spices. We provide you the best quality at reasonable prices in the market with the highest customer satisfaction rate.


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